Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey

A treatment in which the patient’s hair is not shaved prior to the transplantation is called an unshaven hair transplant, sometimes referred to as a non-shaved or no-shave hair transplant. With the use of this approach, people can get a hair transplant without having to shave or cut their current hair, which helps to minimize the procedure’s noticeable side effects as they heal.

The following are important details about hair transplants in Turkey that are unshaven:


  • Cosmetic Appearance: One of the main benefits is that the patient doesn’t have to make any apparent changes to their current haircut right after the operation.
  • No Shaving Necessary: An unshaven hair transplant accommodates people who, for personal or professional reasons, would rather not shave their hair.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This method, which involves removing individual hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the recipient area, is frequently used for unshaven hair transplants.
  • Gentle Extraction: The donor grafts are carefully removed by the surgeon throughout the process so as not to significantly disturb the surrounding hair.
  • Restricted Grafts: Because the extraction procedure can be more labor-intensive and thorough, unshaven hair transplants might be better appropriate for people who need fewer grafts.
    Knowledge of Surgeons:
  • Skilled Surgeons: Selecting a clinic and surgeon with prior experience with unshaven hair transplants is essential. To prevent transplant survival and damage to preexisting hair, the method must be precise.
  • Reduced Recovery Time: Compared to conventional shaved operations, the recovery period for unshaven hair transplants may be faster because there is no requirement to shave the entire head.
  • Possible Cost Difference: The total cost of the surgery may increase if unshaven hair transplants need more effort and time.
    Speak with a reliable clinic and a skilled surgeon if you’re thinking about getting an unshaven hair transplant in Turkey or somewhere else. Based on your unique circumstances and the degree of the hair transplant you require, talk about your expectations, preferences, and whether or not an unshaven surgery is feasible. Ask about the clinic’s success rates, patient endorsements, and the precise methods employed for hair transplants without shaving.

How much is an unshaven hair transplant?

No-shave hair transplantation in the UK

The price range for FUE hair transplants that are unshaven is £3000 to £18000. To provide the surgeon simple access to your hair follicles, you should be aware that your donor area must always be shaved. Turkey unshaven is cost £1200 to £3000.

Can you get a hair transplant without shaving your head turkey?

The best candidates for unshaven hair transplant surgery in Turkey are those with mild to moderate hair loss. Patients with receding hairlines and thinning temples will benefit from it most.

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