Sapphire Hair Transplant Turkey

Sapphire hair transplant turkey, is a painless procedure with tangible outcomes. In recent years, surgical hair transplantation has advanced significantly. Technology innovation has led to the development of the tools used in hair transplantation. The process of recuperation is therefore expedited. Applications for painless and painless hair transplantation have surged. The sapphire blade hair transplanting technique is one of these uses.

Hair transplantation with a sapphire blade is the greatest treatment for hair loss, which has become a problem for most individuals in today’s society. People favor the program since it provides the best solution. The finest outcomes are produced by this therapy approach. It also offers a conclusive cure. Because of these factors, the sapphire hair transplanting procedure is a technique that produces more favorable outcomes.

Many individuals with cosmetic issues can achieve the ideal natural appearance through sapphire hair transplanting. The technique provides the patient with comfort and convenience in addition to a natural visual look. This procedure, which is carried out with the aid of a sapphire blade, produces the desired appearance from all sides.

For the Sapphire FUE hair transplant application region, the anticipated treatment weight may change. From person to person, the intensity chosen for the region to be treated varies. The amount and density that is determined will vary as a result. Additionally, doctors can easily and quickly use this technique.

The Sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure is painless. Under the direction of a doctor, the anesthesiologist administers sedative during the surgical operation. The patient doesn’t experience any pain when this numbing procedure is performed prior to hair transplantation. Those who are afraid of needles may like this technique. Because the level of sedation can be altered based on the individual. It is a regulated application of the sleep state. A sedative is secure. Sedation is not necessary for hair transplants, though. It is possible to transplant hair follicles without sedation..


How is Sapphire Hair Transplantation Applied?

The popular hair transplant method known as sapphire blade hair transplantation is preferred by men. since it is a highly beneficial strategy. stages of a sapphire hair transplant

In this application, the micro FUE procedure is used to first remove the hair that would be transferred. In other words, a micro motor is used to move hair from the donor area of the person.

is better than using manual punches in this situation. because it makes it possible to remove more grafts from the donor area in less time.

The results of hair transplantation using sapphire blades are more frequent and natural thanks to the use of micro motors. Micro FUE hair transplantation is another name for FUE hair transplantation using a micro motor.

Channels are opened with sapphire blades at the desired angle, direction, and frequency after the hair transfer. One of the most crucial steps in the process is this one.

Sowing is finished at the last stage. Using a sapphire blade, surgeons insert the hair follicles removed from the nape into the channels. So the sapphire blade hair transplant is completed.

With this technique, the tissue in the hair follicles sustains less damage during the transplantation process. Healing only requires a brief period of time. Due to the technique used, post-application symptoms including edema and wounds are evident at the lowest level..

How much does sapphire hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Using sapphire blades to shape the recipient sites during hair transplantation is known as the sapphire hair transplant procedure. The price of a sapphire hair transplant in Turkey might vary according on the facility, the surgeon’s experience, the quantity of grafts needed, and the region within Turkey.

The price of a sapphire hair transplant in Turkey might range from about $2,000 to $7,000 USD or more, roughly speaking. It’s crucial to remember that these costs could change and differ from clinic to clinic. The exact price will depend on the pricing policy of the particular clinic and any further services offered as part of the package.

It is advised to speak with various clinics and surgeons to obtain an exact cost estimate for sapphire hair transplantation in Turkey. Based on your unique demands and specifications, they may give you detailed pricing information. This will enable you to find a trustworthy facility that provides top-notch services for sapphire hair transplant at an affordable price.

What are the Advantages of Sapphire Hair Transplantation?

When compared to other treatments, sapphire hair transplanting is the most efficient and quick method. It produces positive outcomes and is a healthy practice. The sessions last for a set amount of time during the course of treatment. After the course of treatment is complete, certain details demand attention.

The following benefits of sapphire blade hair transplanting are listed:

People prefer it since the application process is painless.

It has no allergenic structure because it is made from a person’s own neck hair follicles.

Once the application is complete, there is little chance of infection.

The bleeding that occurs during the sapphire hair transplantation procedure is quite little.

Sterile materials are used once.

In hair transplanting, sapphire tips, a product of modern technology, are employed. Compared to steel tips, these tips create thicker, more attractive hair roots. With sapphire-tipped pens, the grooves are smoother and slimmer. Consequently, this approach causes minimal tissue injury. So, following the use of the procedure, the tissues mend fast and undetectably.

The nib on the sapphire tip pen is extremely fine. So, depending on the angle and size of the hair follicles, the channels are opened. The hair follicles are then positioned with their natural angles in the channels. Naturally angled hair follicles cling to the scalp more firmly. Additionally, this approach produces an extremely natural-looking image.

In this application, the sapphire pen-opened microchannel are the same size as a hair follicle. Thus, in locations where hair transplantation would be done, channels can be opened more often. The hair follicles can be placed nearer to one another thanks to the narrow tubes. This technique offers considerably more natural and fuller hair than previous techniques.

What distinguishes the Sapphire Hair Transplantation Technique?

Compared to other techniques, hair transplantation using a sapphire blade is thought to be novel. For mustache, beard, and eyebrow transplants, sapphire blades are used. Because these knives allow the channel to be opened frequently and in different directions in the area where the application will be made.

Hair transplantation with sapphire tip is a practical application. In addition, since this hair transplant gives effective results, it is preferred more than other methods. The healing process is fast in this application. People prefer this application as it is painless and painless.

In this method, the duration of hair transplantation varies depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted. Sapphire hair transplantation application time varies between 5-8 hours on average. The patient who receives the treatment can return to his social life in a very short time by paying attention to some points.

With hair transplantation, a perfect appearance is achieved by cutting right angles with a sapphire blade. Changes in direction will not occur after the proper angles have been established during the surgical procedure. There are more hair follicles that fall per square centimeter as a result of the tiny pathways. In one session, this technique may transplant between 12,000 and 15,000 hair follicles. This method is the most efficient if someone wishes to have thick, thick hair. Within three months after receiving treatment, patients will start to notice the transplanted hair. After a year, people can see their hair accurately. This technique leaves no scars..

Why is Sapphire Hair Transplant Important?

Sapphire blades used in hair transplantation are designed according to the latest technology. Sapphire blades allow more frequent and more stable channels to be made. Due to these properties of sapphire, the result that can be obtained with this method is the best solution for the person.

This method offers;

The speed of the healing process

Less symptoms of edema

A comfortable treatment process to patients due to less pain and pain in the healing process.

Let’s discuss the benefits of sapphire blade hair transplantation versus FUE hair transplantation. Compared to FUE hair transplantation, it has benefits like sharpness, durability, and a flat surface. When a sapphire blade is utilized in practice, vibration is incredibly minimal. Using a sapphire tip, hair follicles are implanted more frequently during transplanting. The sapphire tip technique should be chosen if one wants thick hair. Particularly for those with extensive hair loss, it is the best approach.

The FUE method provides for sowing at a more natural angle. The sapphire blade method will also allow for easy adjustment of the sowing angle settings. The FUE method has a longer recovery period. Tissue healing is faster in the sapphire blade method. In sapphire hair transplantation method, skin and hair follicle merge more smoothly compared to FUE hair transplantation. Subcutaneous fluid injection is less in sapphire blade hair transplantation. Therefore, channel opening is easier in this method.

What Should Be Done Before Sapphire Hair Transplantation?

The doctor doing the application must check you before performing a sapphire blade hair transplant. It should also be noted that this use involves surgery. People should therefore take care to ensure that the clinic understands how to treat the process as a surgical discipline.

The patient should let his or her doctor know about any health issues or medications they are taking.

Three or four days prior, you should cease using tobacco or alcohol.

If the person takes blood thinners, he should cease using them one week before the event. He should also inform his physician who prescribed the blood thinners of the situation.

If person is using minoxidil, he should stop 1 week before the application. Because this drug increases bleeding during administration.

Things to Know After Sapphire Hair Transplant

Things to know after hair transplantation with sapphire are as follows:

The first 3 days after the sapphire hair transplant application are very important. The person should never touch his hair with water. He should not wash his hair.

2 days after the hair transplant operation, the person should go to the clinic for dressing.

You should not go out for the first 3 days as the risk of infection is high.

If the person has to go out, he should use a sweat-proof hat. It should protect the scalp from sun rays and other factors.

The person who has a hair transplant should protect his head from impacts, especially during the first 10 days.

After the application, people should not prefer zippered and buttoned clothes for the first days.

Regular use of the medicines prescribed by the doctor will ensure that the healing process is fast and comfortable.

Excessive sweating should be avoided for 15 days after the application.

After the application, it is necessary to stay away from heavy exercises, sauna and swimming activities for 1 month. People can return to their old activities at the end of 1 month.

2 months after the sapphire blade hair transplant application, the shedding process will begin. In other words, the hair follicles are there and start to hold on. This hair loss should not be cause for concern.

The hair to be used will come out slowly. Hair strands get thicker day by day. The appearance of the hair becomes more natural day by day. After hair transplantation with a sapphire blade, a perfect appearance is achieved within 1 year.

Comments of Those Who Have Had Sapphire Hair Transplant

Those who have had sapphire hair transplanting claim that this method is extremely painful-free. With the support of those who favor this way, it has become one of the most popular programs.

Using a sapphire blade for hair transplanting has no unintended consequences for the patients. less irritants than alternative therapies. It is because it causes less discomfort and anguish during the procedure. It is one of the most popular programs as a result. The processes are finished quickly since the pen tip used for the application is a natural mineral stone.

Hair transplantation with sapphire does not take much time, as it takes a short time. The treatment lasts between 4 and 6 sessions. It leaves those who have it aesthetically satisfied with its bushy hair and a natural appearance after the application.

Sapphire Hair Transplant Prices 2024

The most common pricing method in hair transplantation in the world is pricing per graft. In Turkey, this pricing method is not common. Generally, hair transplant prices are in the form of package prices for the operation. Package prices vary from clinic to clinic according to the details of the package. In addition, the quality of service provided by the clinic is also effective in changing prices.

Sapphire hair transplant prices vary depending on the person’s hair structure, the area to be transplanted, and the number of roots to be taken. At this point, you need to go through a specialist doctor’s control to have information about the sapphire hair transplant treatment process and pricing. You can contact us immediately to get information about sapphire hair transplant prices 2024.