Microblading Turkey?

Microblading turkey, is a procedure that is also used in permanent makeup procedures and contributes to further strengthening the expression of the face by giving a fuller appearance to the eyebrows. The color pigments in microblading processes are adapted to the eyebrows in accordance with the skin color.


Microblading is performed on real eyebrows. It’s more like a tattoo. It is also called the bristle technique. It is performed by specialists in beauty centers. You can also come to our center and give your eyebrows a unique beauty and natural appearance.

Eyebrows are one of the areas that a woman cares and takes care of the most. The correct eyebrow shape can make huge differences in your face. That is why choosing the right eyebrow shape is very important. Many women prefer microblading procedures in order to have aesthetically plump and natural-looking eyebrows.

Having perfect eyebrows is every woman’s dream. It is now very easy to realize this dream. Perfect eyebrows are obtained thanks to the microblading process, which is the most popular service of recent years. This service, which is the savior of many women, is receiving great attention by most segments.

It would not be right to say only women, in fact, it is a highly preferred application for men who take care of their care and want to have smooth eyebrows. In other words, it is not an application that is only for women. Men can also easily benefit from this procedure.

How is Microblading Eyebrow Contour Done?

According to the type of face, we create the eyebrow type according to the person’s request. First of all, the eyebrows are taken and then the gaps are filled in to ensure a fuller posture. Since not every eyebrow shape can be suitable for every face type, you can trust our specialists at this point.

Then, with the help of thin-tipped devices, the final shape of your eyebrow is given. The eyebrow contour is finished in one session. It does not take too much of your time. In these procedures, which are performed by professional people, you will not feel pain and sore in any way.

For whom Microblading Eyebrow Contour can be performed for?

It is not performed for people under the age of 18, people with type 1 diabetes, people with skin diseases, cancer patients, pregnant and lactating mothers. We apply eyebrow contour to every person who does not have these features. Eyebrow application can be dangerous in people with these diseases. That is why we are paying close attention to these points. Except for this, this procedure is applied to every person who wants.

What Are the Advantages of Microblading Eyebrow Contour Procedure?

There are many advantages of eyebrow contour procedure for women. For this reason, it is preferred by many women. In addition to offering a more aesthetically beautiful appearance, you will not have to deal with constantly shaping your eyebrows and you will not spend hundreds of pounds at the hairdresser.

It also provides a great advantage financially. In addition to the material, you will not waste time waiting at hairdressers. You can have it done once and use it for about a year and a half. We will perform in a short time. You will have more natural and more beautiful eyebrows.

Eyebrows are the area that attracts the most attention and is given the most care on the face. Since it is not a permanent procedure, you can make the desired model again after 1 year. And there is less pain and pain compared to other applications.

People with a busy life usually prefer it more often. Because they will not find time to devote to their eyebrows constantly in the busy life. But they also don’t want to compromise on their beauty. The microblading process, which is extremely useful in this respect, ensures that your eyebrows stay beautiful for a long time in the turmoil of life.

What Should Be Done After Microblading Eyebrow Contour?

After the microblading eyebrow application, you should protect this area from water for about a week. In this way, while the risk of infection is minimized, the permanent duration of the paint is extended.

In order to maintain the permanence of the eyebrow color, you should not go to the solarium for a week or so and should not be exposed to the sun too much. It is very useful for you to come for a check-up 1 month after the procedure.

We need to be able to see the condition of your eyebrows and see if there is a setback. You should not use painkillers for 24 hours after the application. Avoid using peels and skin care products for 2 weeks.

It is necessary to be very careful in these processes. These aspects are very important to protect your eyebrow color. Excessively hot areas and excessive exposure of your face to water will not be very good for your eyebrows. Already during a one-week process, you need to pay attention to these issues. You can do whatever you want later.

Is Microblading Harmful?

As long as the microblading process is performed by experienced people, there is no harm. You can safely choose the eyebrow contour service that we offer to you by highly specialized people. The materials we use are skin-friendly to the last degree and do not contain carcinogenic substances. All products used are sterile. We are trying to do the best for you by never compromising on our quality.

There are no known and common side effects or harm. There are no side effects in people. Only people with certain diseases should not have this procedure. Its harmful effects can also be observed in people with diabetes, especially cancer patients. That is why it is of a nature that can be harmful to these people.

You can ask your doctor whether eyebrow contour application will be harmful for you or you can contact us. We can inform you in this area. In this way, you can go through this process more comfortably.

How Long Is Microblading Eyebrow Used For?

How long the eyebrow contour application will be used for is one of the most frequently asked questions. Eyebrow contour is not a complete permanent application. On average, it is possible to use microblading eyebrows for a long time, such as a year. If you are satisfied, you have the opportunity to renew it again.

Eyebrows that have not undergone a quality procedure may deteriorate earlier. In this respect, the usage time is decreasing. The colors of the eyebrows that are not used with a quality product take on a red color after a while. Therefore, it can become unusable.

To use your eyebrows for a long time, you really need to work with a professional team. It is possible to use your eyebrows made with extremely high quality materials and our professional team for a year or a year and a half without any problems.

What is the Difference between Microblading and Hair Technique?

Microblading is the use of tiny razor-like micro needles arranged side by side, incisions are made on the skin and applied manually. The hair technique is performed with the help of professional devices. Both of them are used to make aesthetically beautiful eyebrows.

Only the application techniques are different. The thing that needs to be done to ensure that it is permanent is to apply the right technique suitable for the right skin type. The choice is completely up to you. It is possible to give your eyebrows the shape you want by choosing the method you want.

Why Do Eyebrow Colors Change In Microblading Or Permanent Makeup?

The most important factor in the formation of color changes is the quality of the paint used. Paints that are not of high quality will cause the color of your eyebrows to change over time. The lack of pigment is also the reason for the color changes in the eyebrows. Such factors are effective in the flow of eyebrow color.

If the eyebrow color deteriorates, it turns into red or green tones. If you also want to meet with a quality service, you can contact us. We offer you services by using quality products and professional people in the micro blading process.

How much does microblading cost?

How much does microblading cost? Prices for microblading vary in beauty salons. The prices, which are usually between 800 TL and 2500 TL, vary between 2000 TL and 3500 TL when they are made through expert aestheticians in their field.

How Many Sessions of Microblading?

The eyebrows obtained by microblading have a permanent life between 1 year and 3 years. The eyebrows obtained by microblading have a life between 1 year and 3 years. Microblading sessions last for 1 hour. At the same time, the Microblading 3d hair technique lasts an average of 2 sessions.

Is it a sin to have microblading eyebrows?

It is stated by the Diyanet that there is no sin in microblading operations performed in parts created by Allah, such as hairs, feathers or hair, that have been shed due to certain diseases and in order to feel well.

Microblading Eyebrow Contour Prices 2024

Microblading prices vary according to the model and eyebrow that everyone wants. Since it is a process that is suitable for every budget, you will not have any difficulty with the price. For this reason, you can contact us for detailed price information. You can contact us immediately to get information about microblading eyebrow contour prices 2024.

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