Pedicure Turkey

Pedicure turkey, is one of the applications used to make toenails more well-groomed. Pedicure cleans the dead skin on the fingernails and toenails, making them more well-groomed.

While manicure mostly covers the applications made for the care of hand nails, pedicure is the well-groomed making of toenails. If you want to become well-groomed in your social life, you should definitely have it done regularly.

You can choose our beauty salon to have the best pedicure procedures. The word pedicure is derived from the words foot, that is, pad, and cure, that is, treatment. Although it is a new application, its history dates back old. According to what is known, the first foot care procedures were performed to the Pharaoh in Egypt.

With this application, your feet become soft, get rid of dead skin and the hardened places are eliminated. At the same time, your toenails are also treated with this procedure. Of course, you should prefer the pedicure application that is suitable for your skin type. With the support of our team of beauty experts, you can easily have the most appropriate procedures done for you.

What Is the Use of Pedicure?

It is an application that has many benefits. In order for you to see the effects of this procedure, you should have it done regularly. The most accurate application range is one month. We recommend that a well-groomed person get a pedicure at least once a month.

The most well-known benefits of pedicure can be listed as follows:

If you have problems with your feet, the most correct application method will be pedicure. Especially in foot diseases such as fungus, you can support it regularly and eliminate the bad appearance.

Another benefit of the pedicure procedure is that it corrects your posture. Your fingers will naturally look well-groomed, beautiful and aesthetic. Especially in summer, pedicure becomes more important.

Another benefit is its relaxing effect. This will create a relaxing effect for you, as your feet are massaged with caring creams.

How Is a Pedicure Done?

How about coming to our beauty salon and getting a pedicure right away? Especially if you are going to attend a special invitation, you should definitely have your pedicure and manicure procedures done.

The pedicure process has many stages. It is not a difficult application, but there are important points. You should definitely have it done at intervals to ensure that your feet are well-groomed. The application of pedicure is as follows:

In the first step of the pedicure, if there is nail polish on your nails, it is removed and the nails are left to dry. Then, the process of shortening the nails is started. The fact that the nails are too long is not suitable for use and hygiene. Therefore, it must be shortened to a certain extent.

After that, the rasping process is started. Your nails are filed properly.

At the next stage after the filing process, cream is applied to the nails to soften them. it is necessary to wait until 4-5 Minutes for the cream to have enough effect on the feet. After applying the cream, your feet should be kept in a bucket filled with warm water. After a sufficient waiting time, your feet are removed and dried.

The flesh of the dried toenails is carefully removed with suitable scissors. After that, peeling is performed with pumice stone to cleanse the skin of dead cells.

In the final process, the nail file is made again and the final shape is given to the nails.

Nail polish or permanent nail polish is applied in the color you want. Finally, the feet are massaged with an effective cream. The pedicure process is thus completed.

To Whom Is Pedicure Applied To?

Pedicure procedure is often preferred by both women and men nowadays. Although women usually do procedures such as manicure, the situation has changed nowadays. Now men take care of their care at least as much as women and get professional help in this issue.

Every person who does not have serious problems with his feet can opt for a pedicure procedure. There is also no age limit. This procedure, which can be performed by young people, is also often preferred by people of advanced age. It will be especially good if strong people prefer social life. If you often wear open shoes, you should take much more care to have well-groomed toenails.

However, if you are a person who constantly works standing up, pain in your feet may occur frequently. Thanks to the relaxing effect of the pedicure, you can reduce the pain in your feet.

It will be good for people with problems fungus, etc. on the feet to prefer pedicure procedure as well. it will be possible to prevent this condition with a pedicure, as the views eliminate the aesthetic appearance on the foot. You should definitely make an appointment at our beauty salon for the best and healthy pedicure procedures. You can easily get the necessary processes by contacting us via our contact numbers. Your foot health is very important for us as well as for you.

Pedicure Methods and Stages

The goal of pedicure procedures should be to completely make the feet and toenails more well-groomed. Therefore, you should entrust yourself to a beauty salon that will perform this procedure in the most correct and hygienic way.

Application is usually done with nail scissors, file, cuticle scissors, pumice stone and creams. First of all, the person’s feet are creamed and then soaked in hot water to soften. With this procedure, the softening of the toenails and their flesh is ensured. In this way, there are no harmful effects of breaking, cutting, etc. on the nails.

After the pedicure process, the shaping stage is started. Here the nails are cut and filed. It is not right to leave the toenails long as it is on the hand nails. A long nail is both difficult to stand on and can hurt you when wearing socks and shoes. Short nails should definitely be used for a healthier and hygienic preference.

The nails are softened again and the cuticles are cut. At this point, it is necessary to be very careful. You should definitely work with a specialist to prevent damage to your nails during cuticle cutting. Cuticles need to be cut neatly all at once, along the nail.

At the next stage, creams are applied to the feet and massaged. Especially creams with oil essence are very good for your feet. In addition to olive oil, you can also choose centaury oil for foot care.

Things to Pay Attention to After Pedicure

Even if you have your pedicure done, it is not that easy to be well-groomed. After that, you have to pay a lot of attention to your foot and hand care. A small blow that you will receive can spoil the pedicure on your feet in an instant.

You should not wear too tight socks after the procedure. Tight socks will put pressure on your foot, causing it to harden again. The choice of shoes after the procedure is also very important. After the pedicure, you can immediately ventilate your feet by wearing an open slipper instead of wearing shoes. With the contact of shoes, the pedicure on your nails can also be spoiled.

Take care to cut your nails regularly after a pedicure. Be sure to clean between your fingers. As another important point, make sure to keep your feet dry. With such measures, you can prevent the formation of fungus on your feet.

After a tired day, be sure to wash your feet with warm water. In this way, your feet will be rested and cleaned.

The other important point is that you moisturize your feet often. Apply moisturizing cream to your feet and exfoliate whenever you have the opportunity.

Pedicure Price List 2024

Pedicure Price 500 TL Between 2000 TL

Pedicure Prices 2024

One of the most interesting things about our beauty salon is the pedicure prices. Although the price is different in each city, it may vary according to the method to be used and the choice of tools.

If you want to know what the 2024 pedicure prices are, you can get comprehensive information by contacting us via our contact numbers and show your feet the care they deserve. You can contact us immediately to get information about pedicure prices 2024.

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