Manicure Turkey

Manicure turkey, is the process of deep cleaning, shaping and caring for the nails of the hands. People who will do manicure must necessarily be experts in their field. Cuticle cuts are also made by these people during the manicure process. Since this process is an absolutely specialized job, it should definitely be paid attention to.

One of the most preferred applications in nail care is the manicure process. With this procedure, the hands become much more beautiful and well-groomed.

Manicure and pedicure are one of the two applications that are often confused. Pedicure procedure means care for toenails, while manicure is applied to hand nails. The purpose of a manicure is to make the nails more well-groomed by removing their dead skin.

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It is not recommended that people do the cuticle cutting process themselves. Undesirable conditions such as bleeding, bruising, vascular rupture may occur on the nails during an improperly performed meat cutting process. Since the purpose of the manicure process is to make the nails look beautiful, it will not be pleasant to experience such setbacks.

During manicure, a cuticle clipper, a file, care waters, nail pushing devices are used. A cream that will soften the hands is also used for pre- and post-care. As a date, you can also become the owner of the most beautiful nails.

How to Do Manicure?

How the manicure process is performed is one of the most curious issues. In order for this process to be performed, it is necessary to prepare some tools first of all. As we mentioned above, nail file, nail pushing and cuticle cutters are at the beginning of these devices.

The fact that the nails are without nail polish is also a necessary condition before the manicure procedure. The procedure of manicure in general is as follows:

First of all, manicure broth is prepared. Olive oil and a few drops of lemon are dripped into this water. Olive oil nourishes the nails, while lemon helps to lighten the color of the nails.

Then the nails are cleaned before the manicure procedure. Even nail polish, lacquer and creams on the nails are erased.

After this procedure, the sequence switches to nail cutting. According to the person’s wishes, their nails are cut and then filed.

The nails are pushed back with a stick called cuticle. Thanks to this, dead skin ceases to be visible.

Cream is also applied to the hands to cut the nails that are pushed back. This cream needs to be kept on the hands for several minutes.

After the cream is applied, the hands are washed again and dried with a towel. The cuticles are carefully trimmed with cuticle scissors.

After that, the hands are washed again, and then a moisturizing care cream is applied.

Is it healthy to have a manicure?

Manicure tools in common use carry a risk for viral infections and fungus. Many diseases pass into our body through the bloodstream through the passage of bacteria through cuts and abrasions on instruments used to care for someone else’s hands and feet, which can cause illness. That is why the tools used for manicure should be used individually.

Cleaning Of Nails

Thanks to the manicure process, you can also get very well-groomed nails. It is very important that a person is well-groomed, especially in social life. The fact that the nails of a person who is in business life are not well-groomed will have a rather big negative impact on her surroundings.

Nail care is very important not only in social life, but also in one’s own life. Especially women should definitely perform such care rituals in order to love themselves.

Cleaning the nails is very important in the manicure process. For this procedure, care water is prepared beforehand and the person’s hands are kept in it for a while. Before this procedure, it is necessary to wipe and clean all nail polishes, creams and bases on the hands. The manicure procedure can only be done on clean hands.

Since the nails will soften by soaking the nails in water, it will be easier to both clean and shape them.

Soaking Nails in Water

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The important point to be considered before the manicure procedure is to soak the nails in water. The care water prepared with ingredients such as olive oil, lemon, and carbonate is very important in shaping the nails.

During the shaping of the nails, there may be rupture, breakage in the nails. When soaked in water, your nails become soft and supple. Thanks to this, your nails will be damaged less, they will not break. It is also necessary to frequently immerse the nails in water for cuticle cutting. Cutting the cuticles that are not softened enough can hurt the person by harming them. Therefore, it is necessary to soak the hands in hot water for at least 3 minutes.

The Process of Cleaning With Manicure Scissors

During the manicure process, the cleaning process with scissors is one of the issues that need to be paid the most attention. Although the cutting of cuticles may seem simple, it is actually a rather difficult matter. Most people try this procedure at home and damage their nails at the same rate.

When cutting the cuticle, the hands are first soaked in warm water. Then the nail pushing process is performed. At the very end, the cutting process of the cuticles on the hands, which have softened, takes place.

The points to be considered in cutting the cuticle are as follows:

The scissors that will be used for cutting the cuticle must be absolutely clean. Care should be taken to disinfect it after each procedure.

Care should be taken not to cut deeply when using scissors. Otherwise, bleeding may appear on the cuticles.

Cut the cuticles in one go, going around the nail. It will be challenging to do it intermittently.

It will also be enough for those who do not want to cut their cuticles to just push back.

Shaping of Nails

After procedures such as cutting the cuticle, the process of shaping the nails begins. This part is very important from an aesthetic point of view.

Nail shaping should definitely be done by a specialist. In this way, you can make a choice that is the most suitable for your hand and makes your hands look longer and elegant. Many different nail cutting shapes stand out in the nail shaping process. The nail shapes that you can make with a manicure are as follows:

Almond Nail Shape: It is necessary that the nails are a little long to give this shape. In this process, the side parts of the nails are filed and the almond appearance is revealed. It is a method that shows the nails longer than they are.

Oval Nail Shape: This shape is very often preferred because it is suitable for all nail types. It has a feminine appearance and it is also very practical to make it. This process is performed by filing the side parts tip of the nail.

Square Nail Shape: The nails of people who will try this shape should definitely be of medium length. The nails are filed evenly, squarely. It is preferred as one of the most elegant nail shapes.

Round Nail Shape: The round nail shape is also one of the shapes we see in most women. This nail shape will be the most ideal choice for women with short nails. This shape is revealed by filing the sides of the nail tops.

Stiletto Nail Shape: This shape is a model preferred by ambitious women. The tip part is quite sharp.

Finishing with Massage

The final stage after the manicure procedure is the massage procedure. Here, it is aimed to relax the nails after care. It is applied to the entire hands with a cream with oil extracts and the message is made. It is very important to apply the cream to both hands and nails during the massage. The manicure process is thus finished.

Manicure Price List 2024

Manicure cost between 500 TL and 2000 TL

Manicure Prices 2024

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