Under Eye Light Filler Turkey

Nowadays, under-eye light filler turkey, procedure is preferred to eliminate various problems that occur under the eyes for many different reasons. This procedure eliminates problems such as dark circles, bagging, wrinkles, etc. under the eyes and makes them smoother and more remarkable.

Various problems that people encounter during daily life affect have a negative impact and this negativity is reflected on their face. The under-eye light filling procedure is applied to eliminate the problems that occur under the eyes for various reasons. Stress caused by intense work in daily life, rush in social life, insomnia, social problems encountered in life or psychological factors affecting the person and lack of personal time make the person overtired. This situation is reflected on the physical characteristics of the person as a progressive process. The most prominent feature is fatigue or etc. Fatigue causes dark circles or bags under the eyes. As a result, under-eye problems have a negative impact on the aesthetic beauty of the person.

Factors such as dark circles under the eyes, bags, etc. negatively affect the aesthetic beauty of a person. The eyes and under-eye area are among the most striking areas of the face. Therefore, the negativities that occur under the eyes often take their toll on the person’s looks. It is possible to eliminate these negativities and eliminate dark circles or bags under the eyes that reflect the feeling of fatigue that has settled on the person’s face with under-eye light filling. This procedure is frequently preferred today.

What is Under Eye Light Filling?

Under-eye light filling is a procedure applied to eliminate problems and blemishes that occur under the eyes due to various reasons. This procedure is a frequently preferred method for the elimination of problems such as dark circles, bags, age-related wrinkles, etc. under the eyes. Various factors are the cause in the formation of these problems that many people face.

This procedure has been developed only for under-eye applications and therefore it is a procedure applied only under the eyes. This procedure, which is applied to eliminate the problems under the eyes, has been named light filling because it reflects the light coming around the eyes, illuminates and revitalizes the skin due to the content of the application.

Under-eye light filling contains eight amino acids, hyaluronic acid, three anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. It also contains local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. Thanks to these substances in the content, it provides structuring at the cellular level in the treated area. Therefore, it creates a brightening and revitalization effect around the eyes.

Why is Under Eye Light Filling Applied?

The intense and exhausting pace of everyday life  continues without interruption. The human body remains unresponsive to this intense and tiring pace to a certain extent without resting. If people do not rest their bodies sufficiently, the body first reveals this fatigue in the form of dark circles and bags under the eyes. These under-eye problems, which usually occur due to insufficient rest, overwork or lack of sleep, are not aesthetic and damage the looks of the person.

Under-eye problems are faced by many people today. School, work life, work tempo, fatigue caused by daily life, insomnia, etc. are experienced by many people. Under-eye light filling procedure is applied to eliminate dark circles, bags and age-related wrinkles under the eyes of those who are exposed to these situations and do not rest their body sufficiently or do not have time for rest. Due to the substances contained in the content of this procedure, the under-eye area of the person who has undergone the procedure becomes translucent. Therefore, it is called light filling.

This procedure is generally preferred by people who want to get rid of these various problems that occur under the eyes due to various reasons and factors and who want to achieve an aesthetic appearance. It is frequently preferred.

How is Under Eye Light Filling Done?

Under-eye light filling application, which is preferred and applied to eliminate problems under the eyes, is a procedure that can be applied not only to women but also to men. Under-eye light filling application is not applied under the skin, but applied on the bone. This is one of the most basic features that distinguishes this application from other filling procedures. Light filling is an application injected into the treated areas with fine-tipped needles, like other facial and lip fillers.

Before the application, the patient’s eye area is first examined and the treatment is planned according to the results of the examination.  A low dose of local anesthesia is applied to the eye area before the procedure, so that the patient does not feel any pain. The eye area is wiped with a special tonic before the application to remove existing dirt and makeup residues.

Subsequently, small filler grafting procedures are performed on all the points as planned at the dose adjusted by the doctor. Light filling is slowly inserted into the existing area during the filling process. The reason for this is to prevent the patient from feeling any pain or discomfort during the application.

Who Can Have Under Eye Light Filling?

This procedure is suitable for anyone over the age of 18. You can choose and apply this procedure, which is suitable for anyone who has problems under the eyes due to various reasons and factors, to recreate the aesthetic appearance under your eyes.

It is a procedure applied as a result of complaints such as dark circles, sagging, or wrinkles, etc. in the under-eye area due to fatigue, lack of sleep or age factors. The procedures performed on the patient’s under-eye area is called light filling because the live and renewed cells under the eyes of the person create a bright appearance.

It is a procedure frequently preferred especially by women and also by men. It is a procedure that eliminates the fatigue reflected on the face of people due to today’s conditions and circumstances. It is a procedure applied in a single session and the desired image is obtained after one session. However, in some cases, a second session can required.

Things to Know After Under Eye Light Filling

There are some important things that the patient should pay attention to after the procedure. Some of the things to be considered after the procedure by the patient can be listed as follows:

  • After the procedure, ice shall be applied to the treated area. It is not recommended to take extremely hot showers for the first few days after the procedure. Excessively hot water damages the filling process. Therefore, it is an issue that should be taken into consideration.
  • Excessive facial movements should be avoided for the first two days after the under-eye light filling procedure is applied to the patient. In addition, sports that require excessive force and movement should be avoided during the first week after the procedure.
  • The patient should stay away from extreme heat or intense cold after the procedure.

Hospitalization after the procedure is not required. However, you should follow the recommendations and instructions of your specialist doctor after the procedure carefully.

How Permanent is Under Eye Light Filler?

Under-eye light filling application is not a permanent procedure. Since it is a filling procedure, it does not have permanence like aesthetic operations. However, the effect of the procedure applied to the patient continues for a long time due to the use of hyaluronic acid used during the procedure. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found in the human body and does not cause any harm to humans. Although the duration varies from person to person, the effect of the procedure applied to patients lasts for a period of at least 1 to 1.5 years.

It is common to see dark circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles that may occur due to age, etc. Sleep deprivation due to excessive caffeine consumption during the day, not finding time to rest because of work, etc. are situations that we encounter throughout our lifetime. The under-eye light filling procedure, which is applied to eliminate factors that do not look aesthetic and have a negative impact on aesthetic looks is a non-permanent and repeatable procedure. It is a very safe and frequently preferred procedure that you can choose to get rid of your existing under-eye problems and have smooth and bright skin under the eyes and get the aesthetic appearance you desire.

What are the Side Effects of under eye Light Filler?

Under-eye light filling does not have any side effects on the eye area or the person. Hyaluronic acid, which is the filler used for the procedure, is a substance found in the human body and therefore is not harmful. In cases where the hyaluronic acid substance generally used is not preferred for the procedure, fillers specially produced for the under-eye tissue are used. These substances do not have any side effects.

Although there may be swelling or redness in the application area after the procedure, this is a temporary condition that can be expected after the procedure. However, under-eye light filling is not recommended in cases where the under-eye bags actually require surgery or in pregnant individuals because of the possibility of inflammation or allergies, etc. in the tissue around the eyes.

When Can I Return to Normal Life After Under Eye Light Filling?

Under-eye light filling application is a very short procedure. The under-eye filler application procedure is applied in approximately 15 minutes. Patients can return to their daily lives immediately after this procedure applied in a short time.

People can return to their daily lives, work or school immediately after this procedure, which is a preferred and applied procedure to eliminate under-eye problems. General anesthesia is not applied since no surgical incisions are made during this procedure, which is an application that does not require surgery or a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is a procedure generally preferred and applied by people who do not have much time and who want to improve their aesthetic appearance.

Those who have had Light Filling

Light filling is a procedure that is generally preferred when there are dark circles, bags, wrinkles, etc. under the eyes due to various factors. It is possible to encounter such conditions under the eyes of people who do not have time to rest between their intense and tiring pace of daily life. The under-eye light filling procedure, which is applied to eliminate these conditions caused by excessive fatigue or insomnia, allows them to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance by eliminating these problems.

Cell regeneration is seen in the treated area after the procedure  and at the same time, the fillers used during the procedure are specially produced for the under-eye area and create brightness. In other words, fillers give vitality and translucence to the treated area after the procedure. This gives the person a younger and more energetic look by providing a vibrant and aesthetic appearance. People who have the procedure are satisfied with their procedures and they can have it done again when the permanence period of the existing filler expires.

What are the Advantages of Light Filling?

The under-eye light filling application, which is a procedure preferred and applied by many people today, has many different advantages. These advantages can be listed as follows:

  • This procedure supports the moisturization of the patient’s skin.
  • It helps to add elasticity to the skin and offers a more remarkable appearance.
  • It helps to eliminate the sharp contour difference between the patient’s under-eye area and cheek area, making the face smooth and aesthetic.
  • The procedure helps the patient look younger.
  • Non-aesthetic conditions such as dark circles, wrinkles or bagging, etc., which occur under the eyes for various reasons during the patient’s daily life, are eliminated and a more aesthetic appearance is achieved.
  • The luminous appearance created by the substances specially prepared for under-eye light fillers after the procedure make the person’s skin more vivid skin after the procedure.
  • The person gets the aesthetic appearance they want.
  • Not looking beautiful has a negative impact on people’s self-confidence in society. After the procedure, the patient’s dark under-eye circles are removed and self-confidence is gained.

Under Eye Light Filler Prices 2024

The prices of under-eye fillers vary depending on different factors and parameters. Prices vary depending on the degree of the problem under the eyes of the patient, the clinical center where the patient will have the procedure, and the specialist doctor. It is recommended that you be examined by your specialist doctor for the clearest and most accurate price information about under-eye light filling prices.

Will I be bothered by having a needle around my eye?

Filling procedures do not require surgical applications or surgery. During under-eye light filling procedures, fine-tipped needles are used to insert the special filler applied under the skin in the application area. Filling is a procedure that needs to be done with needles. The area is numbed with anesthetic cream before the procedure begins. The patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure in the numbed area. Therefore, having a needle around the eyes is not something that the patient should worry about in the application of the filler.

When are the results visible?

The result of the under-eye light filling application applied to the patient can be seen immediately after the application. Since it is not a procedure that requires surgery or surgical procedure, there is no healing process. However, in the first days after the procedure, some edema, swelling and bruising may be observed in the lower eyelid and around it depending on the application. However, the positive effect of the procedure is visible and noticeable immediately after the procedure.

Do I Need to Make a Doctor’s Appointment Again?

You will be informed about this issue after the application in cases where you need to consult your doctor for reasons such as having a new procedure after the procedure. However, in case of a negative situation or a problem, it is necessary to consult a doctor without wasting time.

Is Under Eye Light Filler Permanent?

Filling procedures are generally not permanent regardless of the area in which they are performed. However, although the procedure is not permanent, it is a very long-term application and the achieved aesthetic appearance can be maintained for a long time. It is of great importance to fulfill the instructions issued by your specialist doctor to maintain the permanence of the procedure as much as possible after the application.

The permanence of the under-eye light filler application varies between 9 and 12 months on average. The conditions to be considered before and after the filling procedure and the instructions should be followed carefully to prolong this period and ensure long-term filling permanence. This procedure can be performed continuously. In addition, regular under-eye light filling will help to increase the duration of the effect of the applied fillers.

Can Under Eye Light Filling be done during Pregnancy?

The patient is first examined for this application, which is done to eliminate the problems under the eyes and achieve the aesthetic appearance the patient wants. During the examination, if any data is obtained that is not commensurate with the procedure, it is not applied. Detailed information should be obtained from the patient and an examination should be performed before the application is performed, and at the same time, the procedure is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What Problems Can be corrected with Light Filling?

Light filling is a procedure that is preferred for eliminating the negative conditions that occur under and around the eyes of patients due to the intensity and fatigue of daily life. It is a treatment method performed to tighten the under-eye skin and eliminate sagging around and under the eyes of the person, and at the same time, it is a preferred procedure for dealing with dark circles, bags, etc. that occur under the eyes for various reasons. It is necessary to make sure that detailed and accurate information is obtained about the patient before the procedure to ensure that the filling procedure is applicable.

When Should Light Filling Be Renewed?

Under-eye light filling procedures applied to the patient are not permanent procedures. The permanence period is positively or negatively affected depending on the patient’s use after the procedure and how diligently the rest of the specialist doctor’s recommendations are followed after the filling procedure. Filling applications that lose their permanence can be repeated later and it is possible to apply filling procedures again. On average, the permanence period of light filling usually varies between 9 and 12 months. After this period has expired, that is, after the permanence of the filling is completed, the renewal of the procedure depends entirely on the person.

Does Under Eye Light Filling have any harmful Side Effects?

Under-eye light filling applications have very few side effects. The filler preferred for the procedure, that is, the filler applied under the eyes, is specially produced for the under-eye area. The fine-tipped needle used for the procedure can cause minor problems such as swelling or bruising in the body. This swelling, bruising or edema is short-term and cannot be counted as a side effect.  The patient achieves the aesthetic appearance they want after under-eye light filling.