Laser hair removal turkey is a cosmetic operation that is applied with the rays obtained as a result of stimulation of the rays and is in the form of a light beam. Pubescence, which is a psycho-socially challenging problem, ends completely with laser treatment.

It is a type of hair removal that has been actively preferred by women for about 25 years. This hair removal method can be easily used on all parts of the body. Until about 15 minutes before the first operation, people should not have removed the hairs in any way.

In this way, the hardness and amount of hairs are comfortably observed during ice laser hair removal process. At the same time, the efficiency to be obtained from the laser will also be increased. After planning for the laser operation, you should clean the application area.

With the examinations performed by your specialist doctor, conditions such as hair density and skin type in the region are clearly checked. Then, using a suitable device, we start the process by making serial shots into the area.  The successful completion of the procedure varies depending on how the hair and skin type is, what the color of the skin type is and how wide the area is. In case of certain periods, this process must be completed.

The purpose of hair removal is to completely eliminate the hair follicles. At this point, the sudden light generated by laser lights becomes more effective, especially on dark colored hairs.

Laser hair removal, which is the healthiest and most comfortable method of getting rid of unwanted hair, brings great comfort to the lives of modern men and women. The melanin in the hair follicle is gradually weakened by the heat of laser light. After a certain number of sessions hair cannot grow.

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How is laser hair removal applied?

After the protective gel is applied to the area to be applied, the hair roots are burned with the gun of the laser device suitable for the hair and skin color, and the hair area is scanned with a laser.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Performed?

We can list the stages of laser application in general as follows:

Before the application, the person should shorten hairs with the help of a suitable razor. You should not prefer similar applications on the network during this shortening process. Waxing is not preferred during the procedure with its structure that excludes hair follicles.

After the length of the hairs reaches the desired level, the hair roots are scanned with the help of laser devices within the framework of the region where the application will be made. Before starting this procedure, we need to adjust the laser parameters in accordance with your skin and hair color. At this point, it is very important to determine the dose that is most suitable for the person.

How wide the region and where the procedure will be performed are also effective on the processing time. The duration of 1 session, on average, varies from 5 minutes to 2 hours. The most important factor determining this period is the width of the region to be applied.

It usually ends after 6 or 8 sessions. At this stage, laser treatment is applied to people periodically within certain periods of time. In this way, it becomes possible to get rid of hairs in a permanent sense.

For Whom Can It be applied for?

Hair removal is applied to everyone who is over 12 years old and has dark colored hair. There are no restrictions in this regard.

To Which Regions Is It Applied?

On average, the laser procedure, which we apply in the form of 6 sessions, results successfully. As it is applied in the facial area, it is also often used for hormonal hair removal.

The application areas of laser hair removal can be listed as follows:

  • Armpit
  • Genital area
  • Leg areas
  • Face (Skin)
  • Bikini area
  • Back,
  • Arm,
  • Mustache,
  • Breast,
  • Chin,
  • Nape,
  • Top of the beard
  • Neck areas
  • Depending on the area of hair growth, you can opt for any of these laser methods.

What Are the Methods of Laser Hair Removal?

We can list the most preferred hair removal methods in general as follows:

The method of ice hair removal, which is completely painless and has effective results,

Diode laser hair removal, which has effective results on dark colored hair,

Alexandrite laser hair removal used during the hair removal process of fair-skinned people,

Oil laser hair removal, in which the wavelengths penetrate the deepest,

IPL hair removal more often used in beauty salons and does not have effective results.

What Should Be Considered After Laser Hair Removal?

After the successful hair removal application, you should especially pay attention to the following points:

People only feel pain as much as pulling hairs with tweezers.

People with sensitive skin may have rashes on the skin after the operation. These rashes disappear within 1 day at the latest.

After the procedure, there is no harm in continuing routine life.

It is inconvenient to apply applications such as peeling or scrub to the operated area for about 1 week.

People who have dry skin should moisturize the operation area at regular intervals.

Direct contact with the sun should be avoided for 3 days. For this reason, hair removal sessions are usually preferred during the winter months. In case of contact with the sun, you can get help from sunscreens with a factor of 30.

The sessions can be applied between 15 and 20 days.

Laser Hair Removal Centers

The centers where the laser operation will take place should be rigorously inspected. The most important point is that the area to be treated has hygienic conditions. It will be convenient for you to look at the device brand and hygiene environment in advance.


What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

The benefits of hair removal can be listed in general terms as follows:

To provide a complete and permanent solution,

The fact that the side effects are minimal and temporary,

Having a feeling of less pain,

Having fast results,

It allows you to have a softer skin.

Which hair removal method is better?

Diode lasers with Ice Caps are the most effective type of laser on hair follicles. The Alby Diode Laser is the most effective laser and allows us to use it painlessly. Alby Diode laser with ice cap is a result-oriented, user-satisfied hair removal system.

Laser Hair Removal Prices 2024

It varies depending on the region where the procedure will be applied and the intensity of the hair. According to the intensity of the hair removal, it becomes clear how many sessions of laser application will be performed. In this way, it becomes possible to set a clear price. You can contact us immediately to get information about laser hair removal prices 2024.

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Reviews of Those Who Have Had Laser Hair Removal 2024

Qualities such as longevity and fast results are quite pleasing to people who benefit from hair removal. The fact that the procedure is painless compared to other types of hair removal is also among the reasons for preference.

Is Hair removal performed on Tanned Skin?

The fact that the skin is in its original form increases the success to be taken after the laser. However, laser treatment is also applied to tanned skin.

Shaving before Hair Removal

It is absolutely necessary to apply the shortening procedure before each session. With the help of a suitable razor, this operation can be performed.

How Many Sessions Are Applied?

On average, successful results are obtained in 6 sessions. However, in areas with excessive pubescence, this period increases to 10 sessions.

How Many Months Will It Take?

While body hair removals take 2 months on average, the types of hair removal applied only to the face take 1 month.

Do Hairs Disappear With Ice Laser for Sure?

Since it also destroys fine hairs, we can say that the ice laser provides 90% success.

Does Hair Removal Hurt?

The pain caused by hair removal is similar to the hairs removed with tweezers.

Can Hepatitis B Patients Have Hair Removal Done?

Hepatitis B patients can also benefit from the laser in order to get rid of unwanted hair.

Does Hair Removal Make Skin Cancer?

Because it contains a small amount of radiation, there is no evidence that it causes skin cancer.

Does Hair Removal Damage the Tattoo?

When the rays act on the color pigments of the tattoo, burns form in this area. For this reason, laser treatment should definitely not be performed on the tattoo.

Does Hair Grow Back after Hair removal?

Hairs may grow between 6 and 12 weeks between sessions. After all the sessions are over, a permanent solution to this problem is ensured.

Is Hair Removal An Obstacle to Radiation Therapy?

Since it does not damage intact tissues, it does not have any obstacles to radiation therapy.

Are Hair Removal Rays Harmful?

There is no evidence that hair removal rays are harmful.

What is the Hair removal Temperature Degrees?

When looking for ice lasers, the degree of heat can drop to -4 degrees.

Does Hair Removal Work?

Yes, it gives permanent and healthy results.

Is Hair Removal the Definitive Solution?

It is the most effective solution in terms of hair removal today.

Itching after Hair Removal

Although itching is observed after the procedure, it disappears between 1 and 2 days. If you want to get clear information about the operation, you can contact us at any time.

Is Hair Removal Available For Men?

Nowadays, men, like women, often benefit from hair removal methods. The most preferred hair removal areas for men are the areas where excessive hair growth is usually seen intensively, such as the nape, back, beard, shoulder and chest.

How much does the whole body laser cost?

Prices vary according to the person’s weight, skin type, hair type and color. Whole body laser hair removal prices usually start from 1500 TL and can go up to 4500 TL.

Does the hair completely end with laser hair removal?

It can give permanent results when applied with FDA approved devices. If there are no hormonal disorders in the person, the hairs do not reappear after hair removal.

How many months does 8 laser sessions last?

Sessions on the body can last from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Usually, the session intervals should be 2 months. After the first session, a control session is applied 15 days later. After this session, the average is 2 months and then an appointment is made for the 2nd session.

Does laser hair removal completely destroy hair?

In many patients, there is an 80-93% decrease in the amount of hair in the applied area. There is no case of being completely hairless in hair removal. Hair removal may also not have a significant decrease in the first two sessions. There is a significant decrease in hair removal after the 3rd session and the 4th session. It should not be expected that the hairs on that face will completely grow.

How many sessions of laser hair removal give the exact result?

An average of 6 sessions of hair removal provides a successful result, but the number of sessions can be up to 10 for hair removal due to the facial region and hormonal reasons. The session intervals are on average 2 months. Complete disappearance should not be expected.

How to remove the remaining hairs after the laser hair removal sessions are over?

The hairs that come out during hair removal sessions should be removed with a razor rather than methods such as waxing and tweezers. This is a more accurate method.

How long should the hair length be in laser hair removal?

For hair removal, the hairs should be the same length as they were removed with the help of a razor 24 hours before. The answer to this question, in short, should be such that it does not appear.

How much does the Laser Session cost?

The laser session is between 750 TL and 1000 TL. This figure varies between 1000 TL and 1250 TL for men.

How much is whole body laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal may show differences in a person’s skin type, hair color and type, the area where the procedure is performed, the technique or the centers where laser hair removal is performed. Prices for Full Body hair removal can start from 1000 TL and go up to 3000 TL in 2024.

How many sessions does it take?

On average, it provides a successful result in 6 sessions. The number of sessions increases on average up to 10 with the facial region and pubescence. If the session intervals are 2 months on average, this period is about 1 month.

In how many sessions is it finished?

If you are a suitable candidate, you should get rid of most of your hairs in 6 to 8 sessions and reach a good result. However, the hair structure with the session is affected by many conditions such as hormonal conditions. You need to take these into account.

What is Ice Laser Hair Removal?

Ice laser hair removal, which uses high-intensity laser energy to gently remove unwanted hair, is a cosmetic medical procedure. It is an alternative to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing. However, this procedure, as an effective method of hair removal, has been widely accepted only recently.

Ice laser hair removal has many benefits compared to other hair removal methods. Firstly, this treatment is a non-invasive method compared to other methods of hair removal. This means that the skin is not injured during the treatment. Instead, unwanted hairs are removed from the skin with minimal pain.

In addition, laser hair removal does not cause any heat or discomfort to the patient during treatment. Instead, the faint beam of light produced at the end of the laser causes the desired effect.

How is Ice Laser Hair Removal Applied?

Although ice laser hair removal is a more effective method than traditional hair removal, it is not perfect. This treatment is much less painful than other hair removal methods because no razor or wax is used to remove hairs. Instead, it uses a non-invasive form of light to effectively and safely target and remove hairs. In addition, patients experience less pain and redness after this procedure compared to other methods of hair removal.

Hairs grow in different ways, so laser hair removal works well on different skin types. This treatment is ideal for people with dark skin because it does not cause any discomfort or damage to the skin, as traditional lightening treatments do. In addition, this procedure does not leave a noticeable mark on the skin, such as waxing. As a result, laser hair removal is a gentle and effective way to remove unwanted hair from the body without any pain or damage to the skin.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Performed?

Laser hair removal or LOTR is a medical technique that destroys unwanted hair by focusing a beam of light on the skin. In this rapidly growing field of treatment, many companies have developed various laser equipment for removing hair on different parts of the body.

Such equipment is ice laser, which uses a frozen laser to freeze and reduce or eliminate hairs. Ice laser hair removal is not only beneficial for removing hairs, but can also be used as an aesthetic treatment to reduce hair growth in certain areas of the body.

Compared with traditional laser hair removal, ice laser treatment has several features. Firstly, there is less irritation from the treatment compared to conventional laser hair removal. This is due to the fact that the equipment does not emit as much heat as conventional lasers.

In addition, the freezing process takes place quickly, so there is less time for the equipment to cool the area before processing. As a result, this reduces the risk of injury to the skin. In addition, there is less risk of damaging the surrounding tissues, since the device freezes the skin, instead of burning it.

Things to Consider Before Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Another advantage of ice laser treatment compared to waxing is that it is faster and more effective. The freezing process takes place in less than a minute, compared to a few minutes for waxing. At least in theory, this also means less time and less application per treated area. Also, after the freezing process is completed, there is no need to treatment to remove excess wax. This can minimize overtime, as fewer appointments are required to maintain results.

There are also long-term benefits of the procedure due to the fact that the results last at least six months after a course of treatment. This is because after the skin has healed from the first treatment, subsequent treatments are much easier due to reduced visibility due to reduced skin sensitivity. Also, because regrowth occurs more slowly after each treatment, patients can expect longer and deeper results with less treatment over time.

What Should Be Considered After Ice Laser Hair Removal

It is a new treatment that provides many benefits in removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body. Although it has not yet been fully accepted by health professionals and patients, technology continues to advance and make this procedure accessible to everyone who needs it.

It is a new cosmetic procedure that uses concentrated laser light to eliminate unwanted hair. The use of laser technology has become very common in the 21st century. This is because it is both safe and effective. Doctors use a laser to perform several different procedures, including hair removal. But most people are not aware of how laser technology can be used to treat skin conditions and burn unwanted hair on the body.

Is Laser Hair Removal Applied to the Face?

Doctors use a beam of light to remove unwanted hair with the help of a laser. The laser gently burns the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin cells. This procedure is called hair removal and is performed using a hand-held device called an epilator. The only thing you feel during this treatment is a slight burning sensation while the hairs are being removed. In some cases, you may feel little or no pain during treatment. This is because the beam is so sensitive that it only affects the hairs and does not burn the skin or muscle.

What Is the Appropriate Age Range For Laser Hair Removal?

Since it targets only the hairs, it is much less painful than other methods. For example, traditional tweezer treatments burn the skin when pulling out hairs. This makes them very painful but ineffective when targeting the hair.

In contrast, an epilator only burns the skin when removing hairs. This makes it much more painful, but much less likely to cause injury. Additionally, doctors use cold metal instruments to apply pressure to the areas of your skin that they plan to treat with a laser beam. This cools your skin and prevents it from burning during treatment.

Areas where Ice Laser Hair Removal Can Be Applied

Typically, a patient needs at least 3 treatments spread over several months to see the results of ice laser hair removal. The first treatment only partially removes unwanted hair in an area. After that, doctors will administer topical anesthesia before performing a second treatment. This aims to numb your skin long enough for the beam to completely destroy all your unwanted hair. After that, you will need a few more days of topical anesthesia before your last treatment dries your skin completely and kills the remaining hairs.

Those Who Have Ice Laser Hair Removal

Ice laser is a new technology that uses a device that creates a controlled, vibrating cold air beam to damage the hair follicle. It is an alternative to traditional laser hair removal and has many benefits. Doctors use an ice laser to remove hairs on various parts of the body, such as the face and legs. Doctors use the most powerful laser they can create for this treatment. This makes it very effective, but very dangerous if used incorrectly.

What are the Advantages of Ice Laser?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive medical treatment that causes hair growth to stop by destroying follicles and dermal papilla cells. The most commonly used lasers for this treatment are Nd:YAG and YAG varieties.

Doctors can safely treat most parts of the body with these wavelengths, including the face, back, chest, and hands. Also, people with darker skin may feel less pain due to the fact that the light is scattered less. Some chromatic aberrations may cause facial hair to stand out even more after treatment. In addition, people who undergo this treatment can cover their skin with makeup to cover up the visible changes.

Permanent laser hair removal is typically done using one or more sessions every few weeks for several months. After the first treatment, patients may need several monthly maintenance sessions to completely remove all their hair. This treatment is minimally invasive and does not require any surgery.

People only need to lie on the operating table for a few minutes while their doctor puts them to sleep. For best results, people should wait at least three months after the first treatment before wearing heavy clothing and applying makeup. In addition, some people apply ice packs to the treated areas for a few minutes every few days to minimize swelling and discomfort.

In how many sessions is laser hair removal finished?

The result of laser hair removal can usually be obtained in 4-6 sessions. We recommend 5-6 weeks in the sessions for you.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Hello, after 8-10 sessions, although the spills vary from person to person, an average of 90% results are obtained. Laser hair removal is permanent if it is applied well and the session times are followed.

Does laser hair removal work?

Because laser hair removal can easily deal with fine and weak hair, it can usually make 90% of the hair go away and never come back. Yes, the ice laser is effective even on fair skin and weak hair.

Does the ice laser completely destroy the hairs?

Ice Laser has effective and lasting results. If the person does not have a hormonal problem, an average of 90% hair reduction is achieved with ice laser.

Prices for Ice Laser Hair Removal in 2024

Ice laser removes hairs with less pain compared to other laser hair removal methods. The procedure uses very high frequencies that focus on the hair follicle. This will cause damage without burning or hurting the skin. The device used for the ice laser is called a cryo-cutter and produces a beam of cold air at extremely low temperatures.

This preserves the properties of the beam even after leaving the device. Doctors use cryo-cutter technology to create powerful laser treatments without causing burns or lacerations in their patients.

Ice Laser Hair Removal Procedure

The procedure uses a covering that covers most of your body during it. A cold substance such as liquid nitrogen covers your skin and body with a layer of frozen air. This creates a uniform layer of ultra-low temperature air without harming you.

The cryo-cutter then creates a focused beam of cold air that enters the skin and freezes your hair follicles. It then creates an electric current to further disrupt the irradiated cold air, which in turn completely destroys your hair follicle. After that, doctors remove the curtains and apply an antibacterial lotion to the skin to fix the results of the treatment.

The ice laser is noninvasive and painless compared to other removal methods. Patients can wear loose-fitting clothes after treatment and avoid any harsh Acne medication for 24 hours. Other methods, such as microwave or intense light therapy, do not allow patients to keep their skin calm after treatment. This allows their skin to heal and avoid any harsh reactions to the treatment itself.

What Is the Use of Ice Laser?

The ice laser removes unwanted hair from various parts of the body, including facial hair and leg hair. Doctors also use it to remove skin tags, warts and moles on patients’ bodies. People use an ice laser to remove unwanted hair from their body as an alternative to constantly shaving or waxing their skin. There are no negative side effects on human skin, as it is used only in cold weather and does not affect people at all levels.

Laser hair removal is a popular alternative to shaving or chemically removing hair. This treatment uses a high intensity light source to break down the hair follicles, which leads to permanent hair loss. However, laser hair removal can be painful and causes skin discoloration. In addition, long-term laser hair removal requires multiple sessions and has a minimum of side effects. Patients should be aware of the advantages and limitations of this treatment before it is administered.

Laser Hair Removal Price List 2024

Women’s Chin Session                                                                                                 300 TL

Women’s Chin 6 + 2 Sessions                                                                                    1000 TL

Women’s Favorite Session                                                                                         300 TL

Women’s Favorite Session 6+2 Sessions                                                               800 TL

Women’s Mustache Session                                                                                      300 TL

Women’s Mustache 6+ 2 Sessions                                                                          800 TL

Women’s Neck Session                                                                                                300 TL

Women’s Neck Session 6+2                                                                                       1200 TL

Women’s Belly Session                                                                                                500 TL

Women’s Belly 6+2 Sessions                                                                                     1200 TL

Women’s Belly Line Session                                                                                       500 TL

Women’s Belly Line 6+2 Sessions                                                                            1200 TL

Women’s breast Session                                                                                             400 TL

Women’s Breast 6+ 2 Sessions                                                                                 1400 TL

Women’s Butt Session                                                                                                 500 TL

Women’s Whole Leg + Armpit + Genital Session                                               800 TL

Women’s Whole Leg + Armpit + Genitals 6+2 Sessions                                   4800 TL

Women’s half leg + armpit + genital session                                                       750 TL

Women’s half leg + armpit + genital 6+2 sessions                                             4500 TL

Women’s whole leg session                                                                                       450 TL

Women’s whole leg 6+2 Sessions                                                                            2250 TL

Women’s half leg session                                                                                           400 TL

Women’s half leg 6+2 sessions                                                                                 1800 TL

Women’s Genital Session                                                                                           250 TL

Women’s Genital 6+2 Sessions                                                                                 1500 TL

Women’s Armpit Session                                                                                            250 TL

Women’s Armpits 6 + 2 Sessions                                                                             1500 TL

Women’s whole arm session                                                                                     500 TL

Women’s whole arm 6+ 2 sessions                                                                         1700 TL

Women’s half arm session                                                                                         300 TL

Women’s half arm 6+ 2 sessions                                                                              1200 TL

Women’s Full Face Session                                                                                        500 TL

Women’s Full Face Session 6+2 Sessions                                                              1700 TL

Women’s Waist Session                                                                                              400 TL

Women’s Waist 6+ 2 Sessions                                                                                   1350 TL

Women’s Back Session                                                                                                450 TL

Women’s back 6 + 2 sessions                                                                                    1600 TL

In how many sessions does whole body laser hair removal end?

If you are a suitable candidate, you should get rid of most of your hair in “6-8 sessions” and get a reasonable result. The number of sessions is influenced by many factors such as hair structure and hormonal status.

Are laser hair removal prices per session?

Sessions are between 150 – 250 TL on average. While a maximum fee of 200 TL is charged for women, this figure can be up to a maximum of 500 TL per session for men.

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