Nail Art Turkey

The most popular beauty technique today is nail art. It is known as the art of nail decoration, to put it simply. It won’t be inaccurate to say that the nails have a tabular aspect.

The nail is shaped in a variety of ways. People who desire a more unique and special application are drawn to it. It is applied using specialized machinery and brushes. Although the application is very straightforward, it does demand quite a bit of detail.

Both in our nation and the rest of the world, it draws a lot of attention. Nail art has been popular ever since it first emerged. Women are incredibly eager to have tidy, well-maintained nails. Your nails look well-groomed and livelier after using this application.

Since the nail art turkey cared for before applying, your nails will have a healthy appearance. And the main advantage is that this neat appearance is maintained for a long time. Nail art offers you healthy, well-groomed and mobile nails.

The image of plain nail polish can be ordinary and boring. Women who want to add beauty to them in every detail prefer this application in order to raise the bar quite high. With nail art application, you can add mobility and vitality to your nails. It is perfect for coloring life. Its making is quite simple. It has no difficulty, pain and sore.

It is quite possible to see designs that push the limits of imagination. Women want to see their own designs on their nails and that’s why they benefit by the advantages of nail art. As a result of a fairly intensive work, magnificent results appear. There are not many disadvantages of nail art application. It does not pose a threat and danger to your nails.

People who want a glamorous nail look are enjoying the nail art application. It is possible to capture great happiness with small details. Reflecting your mood on your nails will make you feel happy. You will have the opportunity to turn the designs you have in mind into reality. It doesn’t matter what these designs are, just imagine and ask. You can leave the rest to us. Our equipment and expert support that can make your dream come true in the most beautiful way are already available.

The reason why it attracts such intense attention is that solid color options no longer satisfy people. Classic nail polishes do not create the effect of nail art application. Women who want to be different and create a difference use their choices in favor of our nail art service. It is important to be noticeable.

Nail art application is a beauty application that women cannot give up. Because they create their nails from scratch using their creativity and provide an extraordinary appearance. This is the reason why it is called the art of nail decoration.

Most people also do it at home. But in terms of a pleasant and beautiful appearance and in terms of being able to make any model you want, we offer a better quality of service done in a home environment. Unpleasant small details will not make a good look on the overall image of the nail. In this respect, it is important for professional people to do a cleaner job.

How Is Nail Art Performed?

When nail art is applied to the nails, we first do nail care. Before starting the construction, the nails should be ready for this procedure. That is why we attach importance to the maintenance phase. In order to get a clean image on the nails, dead flesh is cleaned first. Then the nails are shaped by filing. The base nail polish is applied.

Base nail polish is important in terms of making the nail arts to be applied to the nail look more beautiful and the colors to be seen more vividly. It is not possible to get a good yield without applying base nail polish. Usually, colors that are several tones darker than the nail color are preferred. Finally, the desired shapes are drawn on the nail using nail art pencils or brushes.

The application time is approximately one hour. Of course, according to the patterns and shapes you want, this time may increase and decrease. The construction of complex and multi-patterned nail arts takes place in a longer process.

The most important stage in nail art making is the stage of nail care. That is why we are working extremely meticulously at the maintenance stage. All products used are extremely sterile. In order for the nail to have the most beautiful appearance after the procedure, all procedures are performed by professional people.

Nail art applied with quality materials will not deteriorate easily. The quality of the materials is very important in terms of the perfection of the resulting art. Poor quality products cannot reflect the applied art.

Thanks to small brushes and machines, it is possible to draw even the smallest patterns on your nail. It requires a very meticulous and careful work. A work of art is built on your nail using brushes of all sizes. Since the nail is a small area, it is quite important to move comfortably. A change is created on the nails with the help of flexible and fine-tipped brushes.

To Whom Is Nail Art Applied To?

We apply to everyone who does not have discomfort in their nails. There are not so many conditions and procedures for nail art application. We offer services to people who cannot have serious health problems related to their nails.  The procedure is not applied to people who have any infectious-related comfort in the nail structure. Except for this, it is applied to every person whose nail structure is suitable. It is preferred especially by working women because it creates a very aesthetic and striking appearance.

It doesn’t matter whether male or female. Nail art definitely does not appeal only to women. There are also men who want to add mobility and color to their nails. Of course, it can be applied in two genders.

What Are Nail Art Models?

There are thousands of models and varieties available. In particular, there is no standard model. People who come sometimes create various models using their own imagination and taste. Many shapes such as patterns, writing, and pictures are created on the nail. Photo printing is also highly preferred.

People want to put photos of their boyfriends or close friends, pets on their nails. We have the equipment and personnel support to make every model and pattern.

There are floral, animal, polka dot, a mixture of many colors, inscriptions, fruit patterns and many model options. Models are shaped with the breadth of your imagination. There are also models that are preferred by everyone. Selections are also made on models that are generally popular.

We show you many models in terms of creating ideas. You may have an idea about the model you will make in this way. You can decide easily. There are an unlimited number of models depending on your wishes and imagination. Application is not made through several models. There are many models available that cater to everyone’s taste.

What Needs to Be Considered After Nail Art

There is no need to pay attention to any situation after nail art application. You just have to be careful not to use it for long periods of time. After a while, it can damage your nail. Yellowing may occur because your nail is not breathing.

Besides that, there is no harm. You can benefit from nail art application with peace of mind. Since the application will be applied to the nail, it will not cause much harm to your body. Just be careful not to keep it on your nail for a long time.

When you are tired of the model you have made, you can easily delete it and make new models. Since it is a fairly easy procedure, wiping and re-doing it will not damage your nail. In this way, you will take care of your nail.

How much is a permanent nail?

If gel nail + permanent nail polish + manicure applications are applied, the average is between 250 TL and 500 TL.

How much does permanent nail polish cost?

Average prices start from 100 TL. According to the places where the procedure is performed and also according to the material used, it is possible to increase from 110 TL to 150 TL and above.

Nail Art Price 2024

Freestyle Nail Art                                            50 – 500 TL

French                                                                 100 TL

French Double                                                   200 TL

Marble Pattern                                                  200 TL

Colorful Half Moon                                          120 TL

Ombre                                                                 130 TL

Powder Pigment                                              200 TL

Animal Print                                                     180 TL

Stone Design                                                     50 – 500 TL

Stickers                                                               20 – 200 TL

Stamping Printing                                           30 – 300 TL

Aquarium Nails                                                50 – 500 TL

Cat Eyes                                                              150 TL

Colorful French                                                170 TL

Silvery Ombre                                                  150 TL

Nail Art Prices 2024

Prices may vary depending on the process you want on your nail. Choosing an application with intensive content may vary in price. Prices will not strain your pocket. It is possible to reshape and color your nails with extremely affordable prices.

But if you want detailed information about nail art prices, you can contact us and provide a healthy information process. You can contact us immediately to get information about Nail Art prices 2024.

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